About Rodney

Rodney “Red” Grant, is a Democratic candidate for At-Large member of the DC Council.

Born in Washington DC, Rodney attended Holy Redeemer Elementary School, Sousa Middle School, and graduated from Dunbar Senior High School as a standout student athlete. Rodney attended Savannah State University on a football scholarship before returning to Washington, DC, to further his education at the University of the District of Columbia. In 1992, Rodney started working for the DC Department of Parks and Recreation becoming a mentor and coach to many area youth. In 1996, Rodney moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television and entertainment. Passionate about his work, Rodney took the next step, and made a name for himself as a producer, writer, and director for film and television.

Rodney created and produced a number of projects for the Viacom network through his production company, Movieos in partnership with Lionsgate Entertainment. Through these partnerships, he spent decades managing budgets for major corporations. As he reached the pinnacle of his career, he chose to return to Washington, D.C., dedicating himself to serving the community and empowering the youth. As a husband of a retired police officer and a father of three daughters, he understands the importance of community safety, a good education, and quality health services.

While in LA, Rodney actively championed community views within the homeowners association board, successfully advocating for the change of bylaws to address the community’s needs on issues such as public safety and parking. His humanitarian, and philanthropic efforts continues through “Shoot Cameras,” his youth film making education program and “Beyond Your Block,” a Social-Emotional Learning organization that exposes youth to unique and transformative experiences. Rodney is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc. and remains engaged in speaking events across the District, inspiring young men and women to strive toward their fullest potential. Currently working alongside Black Women for Justice, Rodney serves as Chair of Public Relations to bring back vocational education schools to the District. Rodney believes vocational education is essential to addressing disparities in education and employment, which have a direct impact on crime.

As an At-Large Councilmember, Rodney will leverage decades of experience managing budgets for major corporations, participating in advocacy, and engaging in humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors. This wealth of experience will aid him in navigating the complexities of governance, ensuring he is prepared to lead on day one of the job. In this crucial moment for our city, we need leaders that provide more than just talking points, we need leaders that have a proven track record in getting things done. In addition to leading, we need one who serves. Rodney is that servant-leader.

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