Campaign Announcement Letter



Campaign Announcement Letter

WASHINGTON, DC, SEPTEMBER 4, 2023 – Rodney Red Grant, candidate for At-Large Member of the DC City Council, has a vision for our city that extends beyond the boundaries of individual wards.  It encompasses the unity of “One Community” where the strength and wellbeing of all residents are valued and protected.

Born in Ward 7, raised between wards 7 and 5, and currently residing in Ward 3, Rodney is acutely aware of the issues plaguing both sides of the river. As a husband of a retired police officer and a father of three daughters, he understands the importance of community safety intimately. While D.C. stands as a beacon of greatness, a shadow is cast by the crime ravaging our streets, the ever-growing homeless population, and affordable housing that’s become a distant dream for many.

Rodney has been a vocal advocate for the return of VOCATIONAL EDUCATION SCHOOS stands at the center of his approach to addressing disparities in education and employment, which have a direct impact on CRIME. During his testimony on March 1, 2023, before the DC Council Committee of the Whole hearing on Education, Rodney highlighted the historical track record of VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS that allowed generations of Washingtonians to flourish by learning tangible skills. In conjunction with that, he supports the Green New Deal for Housing Amendment Act of 2023 (B25-0191) to tackle affordable housing challenges.
Rodney is a proud graduate of D.C. Public Schools and began doing his part in 1992 working for the Department of Recreation where he empowered the young by helping to shape their futures. Rodney’s extensive experience managing budgets for major corporations equip him with the financial acumen necessary to navigate the complexities of governance.
As an At-Large Councilmember, Rodney will leverage decades of experience working with youth to uplift communities. His philanthropic efforts continue to this day, through efforts like Shoot Cameras, his photography education program in Ward 7 and Beyond Your Block, the Social Emotional Learning organization, started by him and his wife, that exposes youth to transformative experiences that would not otherwise exist.

In this crucial moment, we must identify and support leaders who will stand in the face of the unjust and fight for the spirit of our community. Support Rodney “Red” Grant for At-Large Councilmember.